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An Intelligent, Data-Driven Software Designed to Make Spec-Writing Simple.


Experience the power of the #1 platform to centralize, manage, and collaborate on design standards and specs across the design phase.

RIB SpecLink has helped 25,000+ architects, engineers, and spec writers evolve their spec-writing program from traditional Word documents to a collaborative, data-driven approach that drives speed and accuracy.

With RIB SpecLink, you be able to...

  • Streamline your workflow and eliminate repetitive administrative tasks to increase speed and accuracy during the editing process.
  • Integrate with BIM360 or Revit to deliver better visibility and secure access to critical data.
  • Maximize productivity and quality of the final output with global editing and formatting.
  • Reduce errors and omissions with 425,000+ intelligent links and deductive reasoning.
  • Maintain visibility and control over changes made in real-time by leveraging project sharing, track changes, and comments.
  • Easily transition between outline, short-form, and full specs in a single SpecLink project.